Are you an entrepreneur or professional wanting to reach your full potential? Discover what you are truly capable of and finally implement the strategies you need to make your wildest dreams come true!

Are you ready to ditch self-doubt and imposter syndrome and become the entrepreneur/leader/ parent/partner that you want to be?

If you are looking for a holistic, value-based approach to helping you reach your most audacious goals…, you have come to the right place.

Benefits of choosing NowGoFlourish for your business coaching needs or services:

Personalized Guidance: It is our passion to meet you right where you are and partner with you to develop tools, strategies, and habits that work for you.

Expert in ADHD: Our founder, Martha Tosh Jensen, is a certified ACC coach with specific expertise in ADHD. All of our coaches are trained and ready to help you meet your goals. It is our passion to coach ourselves out of a job – giving you the tools to flourish on your own!

Start or Boost Your Business: As a serial entrepreneur and coach, I want to help you elevate your current business or start a new one. This is what lights my fire! With your ideas, creativity, and passion matched with mine, we’ve got this!!

Skill Development: At NowGoFlourish, we help you develop the following skills,

  • Decision-making
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Relationships

Whatever your business, entrepreneurial, or study goals are – We’ve got you covered!

We would love to be part of your journey!!

Love & Light!


CEO, Founder, & Coach