The Important Balance between Routine vs. Spontaneity

Routine vs. Spontaneity

Have you ever found yourself torn between sticking to your daily routines and embracing spontaneity? I’m lucky that I tend to flourish with structure and my hubby is the coolest, free-ist spirit I have ever met.  It makes us a perfect match!  At times, it can be frustrating, navigating the dichotomy… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Mostly, my life a whirlwind of structured activities: CrossFit five days a week, yoga sessions, intermittent fasting, meticulous time blocking for my professional and personal pursuits, meditation, morning and evening routines, and even rituals like dry brushing, macro and calorie tracking. You name it, I try to schedule it into my day!!

Missing Ingredient: The Importance of Play and Adventure

Recently, though, I’ve realized something important was missing from this highly structured life of mine – playfulness. As someone who values adventure, I’ve come to understand the importance of balancing discipline with spontaneity for true happiness.

Embracing Spontaneity: A Personal Experience

Recently, despite having a packed schedule (time-blocked on my calendar of course) and a confirmed reservation at CrossFit, I decided to change things up. Instead of hitting the gym as planned, I asked my husband to join me for an impromptu hike in the nearby woods.  We spent two hours – phones on silent and in our backpacks.  We hiked in silence, we had meaningful conversations, we stopped to swing on a rope swing some like-minded person installed on the trail…. There was no agenda, no plan, no timer, no interruptions… it was quality time.  We were both present with each other and the universe.

Discovering Joy in Nature and Connection

As we wandered through the woods, surrounded by nature, something magical happened. The stress of my to-do list melted away, replaced by a sense of peace and joy. Being outdoors with someone I love, simply enjoying each other’s company and the natural world around us, reminded me of the power of spontaneity.

Why We Should Prioritize Outdoor Adventures

Let me extend this invitation to you: whenever you feel overwhelmed by routine, consider stepping outside with your loved ones. Whether it’s a leisurely walk, putting your bare feet in the grass, an exhilarating bike ride, a challenging hike, or trying a new outdoor activity together like kayaking or rock climbing – just go for it.  There is nothing quite like spending time with people we love in nature.  It’s solid gold.

Why? Mood, Fitness. Dopamine, Productivity, and Happiness

Believe me when I say that combining nature with meaningful human connection is pure magic. Extensive research shows that spending time outdoors can boost our mood, reduce cortisol levels, muscle tension and demands on our cardiovascular systems.  It can also reduce blood pressure, heart rate while also increasing productivity, enhance sleep quality, sharpen focus, and ultimately lead to a deeper sense of happiness.

Conclusion: Embrace Life’s Adventures

Finding the balance between routine and spontaneity is key to living a fulfilling life. While routines provide structure and stability, spontaneity brings excitement and joy. So, the next time you find yourself bogged down by your schedule, take a moment to pause, step outside, and savor the simple pleasures of life with those who make your heart sing.

Embrace spontaneity. Embrace nature. Embrace happiness.

Take this as your cue to make every day an adventure!