What They Say About Me

“We must be willing to give up the life we’ve planned, so we can live the life that’s waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

Martha has been working with a family member who just graduated high school to help prepare him for college.  We initially engaged Martha to assist to improve his organization, scheduling, planning and prioritization skills.  Well, Martha went much deeper than that, she took the time to understand his emotional & cognitive state and helped him create a vision of who he wanted to be. This work was critical to do in order to prioritize and make decisions based on a deeper understanding of who he is and vision of who he wants to be in the future.   The changes have been Transformational.   Working with Martha as a coach was an incredible investment.

A Deeper Understanding
Virtual schooling has played havoc on my 10th grader.  We were struggling to figure out where homework was listed, when things are due-how to manage time and most important how to do this without killing each other.  Martha was recommended and she has saved our relationship and our teenager’s grades and to be honest self esteem.  Martha has coordinated with his school on every level, working to help support our son.  They have found their groove and have a great relationship-Martha has worked to get to know his challenges, sees his potential and is always finding ways to encourage him to do good things.
Navigating Virtual Schooling

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the impact of Martha’s coaching first-hand. Martha embodies truly authentic compassion, a nurturing kindness, and engaging presence. Combining these qualities with real-world business experience and a wealth of knowledge resources, she is able to create a space of trust and open communication. Martha’s ability to ask the right questions helped me see a fresh perspective and continue to unlock new possibilities. Her boundless enthusiasm and passion for making a difference in the lives of others will empower anyone ready to explore their values and purpose, and progress forward.

Truly Authentic Compassion, Nurturing Kindness, and Engaging Presence

I am incredibly grateful for Martha’s practical advice and support, particularly since I didn’t know her well at the time. Her approach is simple, useful and grounded in real talk, not hypothetical situations or a one-size fits all solution. This values mapping has been a game changer for me in the last year and really helped me align my inner compass.

Simple, Useful and Grounded

At a time in my life where I was feeling lost, personally and professionally, I met Martha Jensen. A mutual friend recommended talking to her, as a successful business woman, amazingly grounded human being and just general source of wisdom. What a fortuitous recommendation. 

A Fortuitous Recommendation

Martha sent me the values cards to sort through and prioritize, along with directions on how to use the cards and not overthink it (believe me, I needed those guidelines). I found the process very insightful and crucial to unlocking the little puzzle in my heart of what I wanted. I later took those values, the top 5 are pinned to my kitchen corkboard, and I looked through many magazines and pinterest pages to see what I felt they “looked” like, before mapping them out in a vision page in my planner. That process, and daily reminder, helped me make some fundamentally life-altering decisions, with a degree of peace and confidence I have never felt before. It also helped me take the steps of going to therapy and really seeking advice on how to approach the path I want for my life. 

Unlocking the Little Puzzle In My Heart

In a matter of weeks, Martha has helped me address several key problems that have been holding me back most of my adult life. She inspired me to start a daily gratitude practice, which has helped immensely with my daily attitude and focus. Martha is also helping me to focus on and pursue my dreams and goals instead of someone else’s. Her ability to listen to my fears and help me look at them from a different perspective gave me more confidence in myself. It made me feel like my fears were acknowledged, but she gave me the tools to work through them. Martha also has a deep understanding of the horse industry, which puts us both on the same page without me constantly having to explain myself. I highly recommend her as a coach!

Deep Understanding of the Horse Industry

I asked Martha about coaching, how she handles it and how she created a vision for her life, feeling very much like I couldn’t see the path ahead of me at all. After a heartfelt conversation, Martha suggested I start with a value mapping exercise and then create a vision board. I was skeptical, but at rock bottom and willing to try it. 

Value Mapping and Vision Board
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“Tell Me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver